Summer time fun is over and you want to protect your boat from heavy snowfalls and risking damage
from being exposed from the weather especially the wind.

Shrink wrapping your boat acts like cheap Insurance

Boat Shrink Wrapping WinnipegBoating fanatics are actually getting the significance of shrink wrapping their motorboats to obtain that protection winter storage covers neglect to safeguard against.

The winter season is very dangerous towards the components of a boat when not properly protected. Shrink wrapping your boat adds an additional layer of protection to help keep moisture, unwanted pests, and harmful winds from your boat’s exterior and interior. And Anchor Marine can perform it for you personally!

Shrink wrap (when correctly installed) lasts many provide waterproof, hassle-free protection for your belongings, and shrink wrap with Ultra violet inhibitors can help to save your belongings from unnecessary damage from Ultra violet light. Any size boat from the jetski for your biggest yachts could be shrink wrapped at our location and also stored for winter for a low rate.

Motorboats that should be stationary for that winter get wrapped to reduce snow and ice using their covers, whereas motorboats that’ll be moved mostly are covered to safeguard them from grime, damage, along with other hazards. Our shrink wrappers wrap commercial equipment for transport or simply to become protected against year-round outdoors storage.

Possess a special job that needs additional thought and choose to have completed? Let our expert shrink wrappers at Anchor Marine quote you on your special needs.

What’s Shrink wrap?

Shrink wrap is really a polyethylene plastic that whenever correctly installed reduces tight around an item to produce a protective waterproof barrier which will hold ice and snow from the object which help ensure that it stays clean.

Shrink wrap is created in a multitude of dimensions and thicknesses with respect to the needed application, quantity of sturdiness and amount of contact with different elements.

Within the Winnipeg area, shrink wrap is principally used during the cold months to safeguard motorboats kept in storage or around your yard. Because of the mild to sometimes harsh winters and the quantity of contaminants within our air, shrink wrapping continues to be becoming not only protection against snow and ice. Shrink wrap forms a good cover and prevent any dust or grime in.

Shrink wrapping a boat requires essential step-by-step methods making it a professional job and not so much a DIY job.

We only shrink wrap at our location and with our storage package starts at $350 with additional discounts on off-season parts and service call us today for questions or to book spot!

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